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Posted on 25 July
Special Duas for each of three ASHRAHS of Ramzan sharif


America Welcomes President Ayub Khan of Pakistan 1961.
In July 1961, President Mohammad Ayub Khan of Pakistan, accompanied by his daughter Begum Nasir Akhtar Aurangzeb, paid a state visit to the United States.
"This film was digitized as part of the Texas Archive of the Moving Image's mission to provide digital access to Texas-related films.
We really appreciate them for letting use this link and making this video public.
This video will show the events of President Ayub's trip.
Highlights include a state dinner at Mt. Vernon, a visit to the Islamic Center of Washington, and a ticker tape parade in New York City.
President Ayub's visit also included a trip to San Antonio where he toured and laid a wreath at The Alamo, followed by a barbecue at Vice President Johnson's ranch in Stonewall, T

America Welcomes President Ayub Khan of Pakistan 1961.



  1. I share this video with those who are interested to know about the hospitality the AMERICANS showed to Pakistani President.

  2. Greetings,

    Thank you for sharing this. I was not even born when this event occurred. How very neat to be able to visit this event with this video.

    I very much like what is stated by President Ayub, in reference to the goal of the Pakistani domestic program at 12:07.

    All good wishes,


  3. hmm...Dear Tariq Mian Sahib...please accept a very warm thanks from my husband since he is stick to my blog since you quoted the link and have shared it with so many of his friends.

    I also enjoyed it very much.

    Thank you so much for bringing it into the notice.

    I am honored to have you.