Friday, December 4, 2009

Love US (Usman ~ Sunaina)

There were times when I was in love...what kind of LOVE I am talking here ?

The kind of love I am talking here is not the love we have for our parents...sisters...brothers or our family's children...

The kind of love I am recalling right now is the love when we met someone....complete stranger and after spending few days with that one somehow start making things work more easily and more rapidly.

Life become easy and intersting. Time become soft and things work out and make sense.

ME...I think I tried everything in my life....even LOVE too...when I was in was in love. I tasted it and find it sweet but bitter when people are not in favor. I dont think loving someone is bad if you do it with dignity and loyalty it can make love flourish and lively.

You can forget everything in love....not even your senses but your instincts and your self respect too but I think love worth it.

But as said, True love can blind you but at the same time if you let it, it can also open your eyes.

So than there were times when I made up my mind and forget all about it and went on. If you have courage to love, you have courage to suffer too.

Good thing about love is that you can easily skip it...stop it....reject it....deny it. So did I.

When I first met the below two children on my first day at my office, I can feel the love between them but that time both of the young couple was thinking about either to or not to make commitments. attrack people by the qualities you display. You keep them by the qualities you possess.

I even remember once Sunaina told me that there is nothing in between them and they naver can think about having an affair with each other. They are just

May be that time she didnt know how miracle Allah granted HIS blessings.

I did pray about them...want them to have good ending of love. Though it makes me perplexed when they used to told me little about the resistance from their family and friends.

And as now they finaly got married hapily and all the offense and resistance washed away...hmmm..refreshed my confidence on love.

I conclude in my personal writtings that love may also have happy endings.

hmmm..I love this picture.


  1. Yes, this photo is lovely! And your comment is so wise: "you attrack people by the qualities you display. You keep them by the qualities you possess."

    Do you mind indicating if your work includes some kind of counselling?

    There is yet another level of love which may be a bit uncommon - I wouldn't know how to prove either way...

    You have also alluded to this in some of your other comments here and elsewhere...

    This is the following of the will of Allah/God or some may say "The Beloved" or "The Divine" - our Creator...

    Sometimes following this Will of wills means temporarily or often being somewhat unable to follow others' will or even one's own will, feelings, wishes, desires....

    Other times, as you've indicated here, there is an overlap...

    Anyway, I've had many stops and starts with this growing understanding and acceptance...and there are great rewards...

    Let's talk more about this...

    Your turn. :)

  2. Dear Connie..thanks !

    Yes, you are right follwoing Allah will is also kind of a love....and it's rewards are countless...

    Actually, what always made me a bit irritating about this is the HOLY SUSPENSE.....yes I called it this because my MAKER never tells me what is HE upto...hmmm... (sorry to ALLAH)....

    I liked someone and I want to go on with that one and I am consulting with my MAKER....ohh Allah tells me whether I should go on with one or not???? But there is no reply....or if it is just...SUSPENSE.....only time will tell whether to accept or to reject one's

    And I am sitting somewhere thinking ALLAH will do better for me...dont worry....

    I mean sometimes it seems foolish that we are running towards fire (not knowing ofcourse) just becasue it illuminates and something again and again coming in our way to hold us from touching it.

    Why not ALLAH just sent a messenger or even an email to us that....FOOL...DONT GO NEAR IT...ITS

    Wouldn't it save us from lot of suffering?


    But than I also love when I some way lay my fingers on the correct option (like what ALLAH also want from me) and found everything working for that choice very easily and during the whole session found ALLAH blessings and hints in favour.

    hmmm...what ever I wrote is just my own thinking...I was the youngest of six and always everyone pressed me to keep quite. So in revenge I started writing....before it was all about my not liking around me...after sometimes I started to reason the world too.

    I somewhere read this pasage about writing...I hope you will like it....

    "Writing is a lot like sex. At first you do it because you like it. Then you find yourself doing it for a few close friends and people you like. But if you're any good at end up doing it for money"

    hmm...thanks Connie for your time...I realy appreciate it.

  3. Love is a subjective fake. A negative destructive emotion that thrive upon the heart. I do not believe it is a positive creative force.

  4. Wow, you said plenty which needs proper addressing and so did Rehan! I used up all my energy tonight on my peace activism and then on Akhtar Sahib's webpage...just maybe that might respond a little bit to what you both might be expressing or might keep the dialogue going.

    I intend to get back here soon. Thanx for including me.

  5. Hmmn, to use your distinct and catchy style, although I was the oldest child rather than the youngest, we do have in common that sense of being made or kept quiet when young...a feeling for me of being "mute" maybe because of all my intense questioning of adults as I got older?

    I guess being rather "without a voicer" - that's how I began to write as well..

    Now...Quoting you, Thinking, "HOLY SUSPENSE.....yes I called it this because my MAKER never tells me what is HE upto...hmmm... (sorry to ALLAH)"....continuing with you:"I liked someone and I want to go on with that one and I am consulting with my MAKER....ohh Allah tells me whether I should go on with one or not???? But there is no reply....or if it is just...SUSPENSE.....only time will tell whether to accept or to reject one's

    And I am sitting somewhere thinking ALLAH will do better for me."

    Yes, Thinking, I've been RIGHT there where you're at when expressing all this - many times - sometimes still there - and not just over friendships, love possibilities, etc but life itself in many potential and actual scenarios...

    Saying HELP, even with my inner feelings and tho'ts unexpressed...God really has helped me a LOT! And if I dare wonder where I'd be today if He didn't help me...well, I can vouch for His ability to hear that one-word prayer...

    Another one-word prayer, THANX....if there's anything that comes that is a high feeling..the energy of knowing with the little and big things, there is this power and force of Love inner and outer and beyond merely myself...yet including THANK!

    Also to trust His UNDYING love and care when you know you've made a mistake big or little and to know He'll help in recovery big and little...

    I've been there...

    I go a lot by the peace I have or don't... as you may have guessed by name of my blogsite..and not just the larger peace for humanity but also the PEACE if I'm not at peace, sometimes I know something's wrong and needs a good wait and see or a drastic change...or maybe only a little adjustment...

    Yes, Suspense, Mystery, so many of our own choices, day by day, hour by hour...yet at least we can be sure we are NOT created to be puppets and robots...

    Dear, I feel for your deep wishes to do what's best and your capacity to feel and love...send another email if you want a private conversation about such matters...

    No easy answers, just a lot of Empathy, Understanding, Prayers and Well-Wishes...

  6. Rehan,

    I feel so sad with you for your experience with Love...

    Can you imagine a different scenario?

  7. Ultimately, we are all either coming from or not far from or still IN the same place...we can learn from one another at any level...I am learning from both of you...

  8. I can only imagine a different scneario, yes.

  9. Rehan, than THAT is a wonderfully fertile place to be (NO pun intended) WAIT in that place of imagination and trust - be present in that place to attune to and "get ready" for love in any of it's forms. Meantime, don't miss out on life's little blessings every moment. Stay in the now while you hold your ideal and ideals strong as an invisible guide. TEACH ME what you learn in this unexpectedly perfect place....tell us about all the surprises along the way to love...Real LOVE wants YOU more than you want love.

  10. Dear Connie

    Thanks for such nice as you said emphatic reply.

    What you said suits me !

    hmm....thanks for your reply.

  11. Qayoom Sahib....thanks !

    You are a poet and I believe that poets are very sensitive and lovable people.

    I think you are not letting LOVE...either intensionaly or unintensionaly inspire you.

    While I thought you may had so many stories to share about LOVE.

    hmmm.....I can pray for you if you want ? (wink)

    Thankyou so much for coming.

  12. Why people think BAD about love?

    We started loving as soon as we get birth. At first we love our MAKEr and in return we expect HIM to love us and HE do.

    We love our parents....brothers...sisters....their chilren....and so many non living things we desire and work hard for them to earn them and we love our HOME where we share good times....we love our country and our neighborhood....

    We start loving since birth and till death.

    Thanks Connie for so many lovely comments you shared and I will pray for Qayoom Sahib to start noticing LOVE.

    Thanks both of you.

  13. Thinking, you put a nice ending to this "thread"...thanx to both of you. After our prayers and well-wishes, I'm sure we will soon hear some inspired poetry about love (in one or several of it's many forms)from Qayoom Sahib! If you see it before I do, be sure to let me know. :)

  14. hmmm....Thanks Dear Connie....

    I dont think I ever tried to put an end to a topic..hmm...about

    But I think we should go on as life still have so many other abstracts to explore.....

    Unfortunately, Qayoom Sahib has not allowed me to visit his poems blog and that is why I believed I cant be the first one to read his fresh or refreshed poems about what he believed is not a constructive emotion....

    Thanks alot both of you for your participation !

  15. My blog is here, but it doesn't have much of my poetry on it:

  16. hmm....and I already went there. Curiosty...what else....

    Found so much to read and need time to understand and to comment.

    Thank you so much.