Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Calendar !

Hmmm…I have a calendar which serves me since January 2009 and it did fine. I mean being normal can also be a hard task.

It has separate pages for every month and the first week of the day starts from Sunday which also gives a positive sign that week is starting with an off-day. It has the list of national holidays. All very normal like a normal calendar one can have except for one.

Why and what struck me all the time when I looked at it was its pictures on the top of every page almost taking the 75 % of the whole area(I think you got it that you can’t avoid the picture).

I do like to see people (I mean the people I know at least)…I don’t hate normal people (the people I don’t know or don’t even care to know). But I hate this normal people photo calendar.

This calendar has a photo of some normal man or woman doing some ordinary work and even I sometimes hate to see at the picture or don’t like the way it is picturised I have to stick with the page as if once we are in specific month we have to stick with that hideous photo for whole 30 days.

As for December 2009 my normal calendar has a photo of a lady who is sweeping on the white marble floor.

I wonder what the photographer would had said to her when he was about to take her picture with this gesture or pose…..hmmm….may be something like…YOU WILL BE WATCHED BY THOUSAND OF PEOPLE FOR THE WHOLE ONE YEAR….BE HAPPY !

I know I know…sorry to all those of you out there who have a soft corner for these hard labour work people.

Believe me and please don’t forget to count me in. But it looks very selfish to give someone this kind of exposure just to fill your own pocket.

hmmm…I wonder all the time where this un-privileged…unlucky and under pressure lady would be ???? and that’s the case with other photos too that it gave me a sad and heart breaking thought whenever I looked at it.

Did any of these people have any idea that they would be memorized in a horrible photo calendar? Especially by ME ????

However, I always get this feeling that whenever guests walk into our sitting, they expect to find a lively, colourful and cheerful calendar may be some of them may be expecting to see some small cute baby’s calendar?

Or it could be a green woods/scenery calendar or it also could be a fruit calendar. I saw such calendar in my friend house in which they gave a fruit for every month with so many thoughtful comments to keep you healthy. I mean its normal that people usually hang cheerful or colourful or lively calenders in their houses.

But no…nope…nobelium….I had this hideous calendar and got stuck with it until end of the year.

If only I were a weaker person I would had set that calendar on fire by now but than I kept it on wall and kept my self tortured by the INSANE photography.

And now when I am soon going to replace this calendar with a new one I am kind a happy.

Only 15 more days to go…..hmmmm

By the way...its not funny to be stuck with one calendar whole year when you dont like it.


  1. The whole idea of Calendar, the pictures of toiling people, the hideous scenes, the oblivious people who are photographed, the desire to burn the calendar, but still living with the old calendar till when the year ends is just a complete story line. Philosophical it is but showing a very subtle thread of human psychology with likes, dislikes, fears, clinging on to the past and aspiring that the future will be different, better and would turn a new page. This is the what I learnt by de-structuring!

  2. hmmm....Dar honored to have your de-structuring.

    I am really speechless this time.

    You are a great analysist thats what I understand.

    Thank you so much to give my writing this much time.

    Thank you so much.

  3. I love this topic and the response as well and MUST return...