Saturday, March 8, 2014


Last night I heard it talking to itself again.

Something bad had happened to it and now it will take revenge on all of us…so it was talking to no one as though we can’t hear it although we can…but since it was middle of the night and everyone was deep in sleep no one expected to calm it down.

I heard it yelling and in my dreams I remember the program I didn’t actually saw but since I was happened to be in Television lounge so watched it as well…in that program three different women of different political parties were yelling against each other making their points that the other one should resign from the Government as they have failed delivering what they promised and due to their simultaneous talking/yelling/cursing…

I am sure even the listeners would had not get what their points were…or may be I am the only one….anyways ‘it’ yelling in the night to itself gave the same impression.

Finally, it woke me up…I took a deep sigh and asked myself why it always me…but since it was talking so loudly I had to react in panic and in panic I went to it…tried few of its NOBS when they didn’t worked I turned it off from the main switch and that was the end of the story.

Although…we got life time guaranty with our television set but I think the three women program had seriously got on to its mind and thus our television is now switching on by itself whenever it wanted and sometimes it embarrassed us front of our guests too…

I still can’t wave off that embarrassment when we were having some very decent guests and suddenly it switched on and started showing the Sports Channel of some name and the woman’s wrestling program was on…hmm…I mean…why me?

By the way when I was about to switch off it I heard the news which I am sure was also repeated that some robbers forcefully snatched Sharmeela Farouqis’ car and the first thing came into my mind that how could they…? I mean how could they snatch the car ‘only’ and left Sharmeela...?

I think time to go….hmm…

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  1. hi friend..nice to hear from ya after a long time..sory i was not blogging regularly..about is funny my tv set also automatically increases or decreases it own volume...the whacky remote control..i have to throw out..:):)