Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Experiment !

In 1946,Quaid-e-Azam declared:

“We do not demand Pakistan simply to have a piece of land but we want a Laboratory where we could experiment on Islamic principles.”

And I was just thinking that how many more years we will take to keep our experiment going on ?

Is this beloved Pakistan a mere experiment?

Or have we really sustain the same experiment from which we started our journey?

It seems now that even this beloved nation is on the experiments...hmm....we are still under the charge of not knowing what actually we need to do...who to vote...who to watch on television...who to promote...who to believe.

We are still not ONE...not choosen one...we are not the believer we are just the experiment...hmm....

hmm...what ever we are...I just can't stop loving you my beloved country. And that's the problem that even though you are an experiment you are very dear to so many people that may be some day their love will take you to a sustainable position and will astonish the whole world.

So cheers to you, beloved Pakistan !

May Allah protect you...keep you alive...keep you healthy...happy and give you strength today and always. Ameen.

Happy Birthday....hmm...


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  2. Pakistan was created based on "Two Nations Theory."
    The main purpose behing FOUNDING the new baby had long been left behind, as Mr. Jinnah left us followed by Liaqat Ali Khan's assissination by the vested interests.
    Most probably, "not the experiment" but the "experience" of the ongoing turmoil continues to bother us, and that's the ground reality.
    Maybe, it's the blend of international injustice and the national corruption together have been playing bigtime to make the country bend over backward. Because, the country is being screwed up left and right and from all possible angles in the hot pursuit to damage it beyond repair.

    BUT, there is a glimmer of hope:
    With ALLAH's blessings, PAKISTAN will continue to survive despite all odds.
    And, Quaid's dream would in sha Allah come true-----sooner or later.


    Thanks HR for sharing your deep thoughts with us, the lovers of Pakistan

  3. SAYING:
    Life is very similar to boxing ring.
    Defeat is not declared when u fall down
    It is declared when u refuse to RISE UP

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  5. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. Do you also like Pakistan music ?