Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You are nothing...but a mistake !

I don’t know why people you once valued so much turned out to be somehow your life time mistake.

Lets suppose that person is “A”...hmmm....

You want to go back so badly when you first make that comment...slight movement of your eyes or even the gesture and attracted A.

You first think of A as someone worth your care....respect and even love.

You respected As’ identity and also like to share A’s dreams…visions and goals.

You always consider A’s need above yours and never ridicule A’s grief no matter how small or foolish you find them...hmm....sometimes you shed tears silently on A's griefs...hmm...you prayed for A pathetically.

You always try to out dialogue A’s recent regrets...anger....or even hatred.

You tried to be there for A whenever or whatever you are doing you replied A’s text within seconds…no matter for which you have to stopped eating…sleeping…or even breathing.

You pardon A of not being in contact only when A is in need. You pardoned A for not replying your emails. You pardoned A for ignoring all your text unless A is free or is bored.

You read A’s emails with so much care and enthusiasm and replied with same zeal and consciousness that your words not hurt A’s feeling while A always replied curtly…snapped with bitter words and soon after A again emailed you to tell you that A always says the truth and truth hurts.

You first think A’s vision as a sacred one…you think that A is on better ground than you and you believed that by A’s side you are actually helping that sacred vision to be a reality.

You mentioned this to A so many times that this is why you seeks for A’s friendship because A is having a dream…a vision worth a reality..hmm....

But here when A start taking your friendship for granted what you do?

Here A started playing games with you…you tried to disclose your intentions of being with A…or to talk to A…or to text to A…based only on the sacred visions…friendship which is a sacred relationship and your own restrains because of cultural responsibilities…but what A do…?...

A always text you or call you or email you that A wants to discuss our common interests but soon when you come in contact with A….A takes you down.

And you are too ashamed to even mention it to yourself.

hmm..what else we can call such valuable people of our life...nothing but a mistake.


  1. It's usually a mistake to expect from others. Nice creative writing THINKING jee.

  2. email reply ka intezaar hai regardless of expection phenomenon -----waisay by the way.