Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thank you !

I remember when I first started THINKING...hmm...

Even in few years I over whelmed by the responses and sincere comments I used to get on my writings….hmm…

After few years I asked few of my friends to hopes that their friends would join...too...and we’d make some new friends.

Through THINKING I gathered a collection of pen pals through the years...many of them were either because of or became part of THINKING.

My views were world enlarged...through the fellowship with these people–on paper...through email...on the phone...and in person.

And soon I found myself far from being an un-socialized person–I had acquaintances throughout the latitudes and longitudes. And many of them are still dear friends today.

I may not know you…THINKING people…hmm…on personal level…but its refreshing to have you walk into THINKING…writing here…making comments…seems like you are walking into my life…and reading your writings and comments here feel like…we know each other…even though we have not met before…but we are enjoying our sweet fellowship through our common bond…in THINKING.

I guess the busier life gets...the more I cherish the little bits of fellowship that God sends my way.

Whether it’s reading your stories here...or having you walk up and say, “You look like I’ve seen your picture online…I’ve actually read your….hmmm…” (I wish that beautiful young woman would have introduced herself…hmm…she didn’t and if you are reading this...hmmm…I respect your privacy…) are a shower of blessing in my life.

Thank you so much for giving me time…writing here…and making comments..and…

Thank you...THINKING.


  1. Greetings,


    All good wishes,


  2. Thanks a lot for your "Thank You Note," yet in fact, you deserve to be appreciated as you have successfully made a team of sincere contributers who feel obligated to contribute to "Thinking" where the "enlightened bloggers" keep unloading their wonderful ideas from time to time.

  3. hmm... robert
    Thank you so much.

    Tariq Mian Sahib

    Thank you so much.

    I am honored to have you both on Thinking.

  4. Thinking: Thank YOU, for such a beautiful site. I totally agree with your notion about friends around the globe through blog. and because of you I also got to meet some good people. Best of luck for future. :)

  5. Blessings for you :)
    Thank you for sharing wonderful posts and experiences with us :)

  6. Thinking,

    Seeing your post after a long time. Though I visit regularly but did not comment often. If you are good, you will positively attract good friends. Wish you all the best for such true and good friendships. What is said in Leadership is so right as I could read those lines in Urdu, though I have become rusty at that.

    Take care

  7. I always like your posts...they reflect your thoughts so comprehensively..and i have learnt alot about putting feelings into words through your blog...well sometimes your posts do get complicated and have more meanings than what you are actually trying to explain but still they are always interesting..keep it up!!

  8. hmm...Noor...
    and Sumaiya

    Thank you so much for coming and giving me time. I am honored.