Sunday, January 13, 2013

Inferiority Complex: Some confused questions

Have we, the Muslims, forever lost that homeland that bore in its bosom sense of Sacred, in divergent aspects of life and thought – a homeland marked by self-confidence? In fact, are we condemned to compare that homeland to the exotic occidental lands far, far away? Have we completely lost our essence? Would we go on to hate the scent, air, dust and mud of our homeland, labeling nature ‘backward’? Are we brainwashed - after having lost power to arbitrate in global affairs - to look forward to ‘a single kind of humanity of west’, which boasts itself to be the Perfect one? Have we surrendered to the thesis that modern world is the ‘end of the history’, i.e., humanity has achieved its destination in modernity? Or, are we just ‘worshiping technology’ despite being outwardly religious; so lustful just to learn tools and tricks of yielding power and wealth - even at the cost of nature’s annihilation? Perhaps all of this is true. These are some of the major crises of Islamic civilization. Our response to these will decide the fate of Islam’s unique ‘venture’ that began 1400 years ago, developed over centuries, and now faces annihilation of its world-view. 

When will the self-deception, self-hatred and self-mockery end (see our leading English dailies, e.g.)? Will we heed to the call of pious and learned ones to take off the ‘white mask’, and destroy the idols of color, race and nationality; instead, paint ourselves in ‘Allah’s colour’? (This is not to deny our right to be distinguished by these legitimate identities.) Do we anymore wish to see a holistic Islamic civilization to flourish and survive, which requires a lot of thinking (Islamically) and ‘courage and style’? Are we willing to be inconvenient and unacceptable to the majority? Are we willing to live as ‘Ishmaelite outcasts’ – someone who does not care about rejection of Divine laws and values by leading nations? (Although it is another thing to be recognized at intellectual level, globally - lack of which is something that points to our failure to respond to intellectual challenges of modern West.)

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