Friday, February 3, 2012


So many things to write - hmm - - but do you really want to read?

Tell me about it….does my writing here means anything to you?

And for today... BEWARE the shopping 'Snails!'.... they are growing by the day and the minute you hit the shopping plaza…you would most likely have one crawling near you.

I am one of those who would prefer to get through the queues as quickly as possible...
take the needful and quickly as possible…
go to the cash counter as quickly as possible…
put my grocery on the cash counter as quickly as possible(never wait for the cash counter helper to empty my basket as I do it more freely and quickly)…
and leave the shopping plaza as quickly as possible…
back home as quickly as possible….
find it quiet and calm…
sit down….
take a deep breath...
and go 'hmmm....'

But these shopping snails - who are they?

They are those who slow us down and snail-crawls through all queues oblivious of the intensity behind them.... they prevent most of us from shopping as quickly as possible and getting to our home / cup of tea at the home in the fastest possible time.

The Cantonese would call these people 'the ones that are preventing the earth from turning around' efficiently...

They are those who are not aware and have no desire to move through in an cash counter queue...

Below my top 3 shopping snails:

a) those who are in an queue and do not bother to check their valet (where is the money or the credit card) or purse (in case of women) until they get to the counter - that's a 3 min delay

b) those who DO NOT get their grocery in one basket or trolley and have so many children around them who have other things in their hands and once at the cash counter there start a fight between mother/father and children about what to buy or what not to buy - that's a further 5 min

c) those who DO NOT have a shopping list and while at the cash counter always ask the cashier to hold on until they can fetch the remaining items or expect the cashier helper to bring those to them - that's at least another 10 mins!

I recommend...hmm...(if the shopping plaza owner care)

1) a special fast-track lanes for astute...well-prepared...efficient shoppers (like me)

2) a penalty for those who didn’t trained their children well while coming for shopping (ie: sent them to the back of the queue)

3) a nice free cup of tea for those who got all their necessary items as quickly as possible…have a definite set of mind of what to buy and never seek for the cashier helper help…

4) a training course for first time shoppers (as few always seems new in the plaza and always ask you for way to the different items) to learn about 'moving efficiently'

I am not at all a grumpy shopper but...hey... time's precious and cup of tea after shopping is quite an experience... constantly getting delayed in a queue by people who are oblivious ....that can be torturous...hmm....

Happy Shopping !


  1. Again and again you amaze me by surprise and then by recognition. Well, aren't those two of the best ingredients of superb writing?

    So I am not completely surprised because I've seen you produce this kind of quality over and's so natural.

    I love that reading your work we could be any number of places in the world and the same sort of scenes and people and feelings might happen.

    Thanx for the joy of reading you...and by the way, I can imagine some days I'm you hurrying home and other days I'm another kind of shopping who enjoys the surprises at each counter, the colors, the smells, the occasional long-unseen interesting friend. Sometimes I may slow someone a bit but usually, I'll stay out of your way, or embrace you with joy.

    Look for my kind because, hey, we all really need friends...and surprises even in the grocery store.

  2. Haha. I hardly ever shop. Some people love shopping, I don't.

  3. Go on am all ears. I love to read you though these days I am not that regular due to lack of time. Keep writing!