Sunday, December 18, 2011

Home made Spells

hmm....greetings from…hmmm…me !

Thought I'll share with you guys this little 'spell' that a friend taught me !

He had a friend who had been single for quite some time and 'at that old age???…wow'... anyways…back to the topic.

So…he advised him to throw an orange into a river on the last day of the year 2010.

hmm....yes...he did!

He then met that girl and one year to the date that he threw the orange…he married…hmm….

hmmm... how romantic....

So…I reckon this might just work (…not for me…but for my single friends) !

All of these little spells originated from somewhere - once upon a time anyway.

Therefore…find a river….throw in your orange... - and you might just find yourself a mate in a year's time :)

Oh by the way my friend advised that if you're a girl....throw an apple!

Also…don't be greedy - fruit per person please!

We can then develop a whole new tourist attraction setting up little shops selling oranges and apples by River Sindh being the nearest one to Karachi.

For those of you with no access to rivers…I will ask my software geek type of a friend to develop a software where we could do this online – so…...hmm...will let you know once we have set up a virtual ritual instead….

Well good luck friends!

I think it's worth a try…

For those of you who are intending to try…do let me know if it works :-)…..

Because this SPELL just came out from my very mouth today…hmmm…for desperate someone and find it the best way to get rid of him.

ahhh….me and my HOME MADE SPELLS….hmmm....


  1. not a bad idea except there is no clean water in the river Sindh, yet online is convenient.
    Good luck to the candidates.

  2. Roars of laughter at this spell ! =D

  3. thats a bit of funny spell and i tempted to try one though im not lookin out for someone

  4. Lol...for a moment you almost led me to believe in this self-created myth of yours. Hadn't you given out the secret then am sure all rivers would have been full of oranges and apples. Poor and hungry would have been thanking you for creating this myth :D

  5. Does this spell come with an orange back/an year back guarantee ?