Monday, November 8, 2010

The Replacement

hmmm…pieces of shattered glass lay everywhere on the floor…

It was so sudden and so immediate that I couldn't do anything…only to let the mirror fall on the floor…watching it…let it broken into pieces soon as it hit the ground with sudden crashing…shrilling voice.

I sighed on the wastage of my precious mirror…hmm...bent down and stretched one of the hands to pick the pieces…

And readily take it back as one broken piece went deep into my finger…the blood started rushing out from the finger I left the pieces and turn to my wound.

Shattered glasses were still everywhere on the floor…like hopeless pieces of trash…and the beauty of the beautiful glass seemed hopelessly married and wasted.

Once…they were together made a complete image...a complete figure.

The designer who made the mirror carefully kept it far from extra burden or weight…careless on lookers…every break…every cut and every strain.

That’s how with so much care and all time support…the maker finally sell it to one buyer and what she did soon after the mirror landed on her ground?

She let it break…sigh.

But no worry….the shattered looking glass is gone.

The brokenness is replaced with another complete image from the same designer.

Only the useless...rubbish pieces of glass left behind few haunting reminders of what I once treasured more than anything else…and on breaking how deep it gave me a wound.

But this is life…we suffered and our broken dreams…shattered hopes and aspirations lay everywhere like useless pieces of rubbish…destined to fade away…and even though our heart suffered the wound… keeps hoping.

And our hope is greatly dependent on the Designer…the Maker…who must have something in replacement for us…

Who would offer something exact…something which match the empty space brought by the broken dreams in our heart.

It is then that I realize…as I never may have realized before...that the blows that I thought were aimed by Satan to destroy my mirror…my heart...

My Maker used to build my heart up…to make something beautiful in the replacement of the broken pieces.

“It is amazing what God can do with a broken heart… if we let Him have all the pieces.”

There is nothing too broken for myMaker to transform.

Nothing too shattered for Him to use.

It takes time to heal the wounds.

The dreams may change.

The hopes…plans and aspirations we held dear may not remain the same…but from those broken pieces He creates something new.

He always have the replacement.


  1. Absolutely beautiful, assenting and delightful.

  2. Beautiful!!I'm lost in this beautiful piece.I;m speechless..

  3. I love that how beautifully you relate things from your daily life to something very beautiful,bright and attach it with some heart felt feelings and moral.

  4. Dar Sahib...thank you so much...I am honored !

  5. filpaki...thanks alot...welcome to my blog...

    I am so honored that you feel like the way you wrote...thanks !

  6. Dear ReeBz...thank you so much for appreciating...

    Thanks...I am honored.

  7. He always have the replacement, more beautiful than the one replaced exactly.nice post

  8. thanks ya..even i was surprised abt laughing buddha boss..maybe it is all psychology..positive thinking helps...anywy...who does not want tot hear pleasant news..right? take care Thinking (shucks..wish i knew your name hahaha):)

  9. Dear Peerless....

    Thank you so much for coming and appreciating...

    I am honored.

  10. Dear Ramesh...thanks.

    Yes..who don't want to get good news...?

    Only our hope and positive thinking works....

    Thank you for coming....I am honored.

  11. Wow, what compelling words which ring true to the deepest truths and reality we know. Bravo for your ongoing work and inner transformations you share as such gifts for us all...

    You have learned BETTER and SOONER than I that HE IS the REPLACEMENT...and we find all along some days more than others that HE is BETTER than the original time and again.

    Much Love, Gratitude, Respect and Encouragement...KEEP THE FAITH my dear Sister!

  12. hmm...Dear Friend Connie....

    Thanks for appreciating....and we all learn about HIS ways in the time when only HE want us no worry...for HIM there is no early or late...I believe.

    I am glad to have a friend...

    I am honored.