Friday, November 19, 2010

Friendly Bakra !

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Human life and Bakra life are both very interesting..hmmm....

As a Friendly-bakra…you have bakra-friends and talk about bakry and shepherd….grass and leaves.

For the past few years…this has been the bulk of Friendly-bakra’s existence.

Now that friendly-bakra is in a big city…friendly-bakra see this whole other world…the world of humans.

And friendly-bakra makes so many human-friends.

It's a world where all of a sudden your shepherd invite you over to check your teeth…and you begin attending humans which give you amusement.

And only now Friendly-bakra realized that there are two different worlds…because friendly-bakra’s former bakra life seems like a distinct segmant of his life.

Friendly-bakra recently noticed a growing distance between him and his bakra-friends.

“Maybe we just have less in common now….given that they talked about grass 99.9% of the time. Or maybe it feels like the grass takes up 99.9% of my time…if not my thoughts”.

Friendly-bakra also noticed that a few of bakra-friends have gone out of the flock without inviting him or saying good-bye.

When he was in small city…they'd shoot a baahh-email during the week asking if he wanted to see the new flock or farmhouse opening up and check out the 'bakra' there.

Granted…it could be because Friendly-bakra is not as fun as he used to be.

But a part of friendly-bakra suspects that it's because he is no longer in the market and wouldn't delight in the adventures of meeting suspiciously attractive he has been sold to a lady who is trying so hard to make him a friend.

So friendly-bakra talked about his recent issues with his new lady owner-cum-shepherd….and after a little thought she agreed with friendly-bakra:

“I do know that…even with the human-friend…it's important to maintain one's bakrafriendships.
Because without the bakras….where would bakra be? So you have all my support to mix –up with other bakra...hmmm.

I never wanted you to leave your bakra-friends !“

Friendly-bakra told her that everyone goes through at least a couple emotionally traumatizing events in her/his life…like I will…as friendly-bakra knows well that soon he will be sacrificed…and in the end…friendly-bakra get through it with at least a little help and support from his bakra-friends.

Friendly-bakra has seen too many times where a bakra…once find a human-friend…will "disappear" on his bakra pals.

But sooner or later one realized that how important it is to remain in contact with other bakras.

So Friendly-bakra’s mandate to himself is this: I maintain and nurture my bakrafriendships.

No matter which world I'm in.

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