Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Republic of Rumi !

I must congrats myself and so many other participants of the RR workshop for going through a journey of a garden to find our true "self".

Saturday, 10-April-2010...I must tell you that Shafique Sahib touched the highest point of teaching and WE - the learning.

The workshop gave me so much insight and gave me so many things to think about time to time...

Every Saturday, since few weeks, we gathered at TDC to collectively learn the Republic of Rumi in the presence of Khurrum Shafique.

Actualy, Shafique Sahib took the credit to explain the whole book to us and he did it well.

So the last Saturday, we finally finished the book and after the workshop we conveyed our understanding about the whole book...
I was on the very low of understanding when I talked about my reaction or understanding after reading the book "Republic of Rumi".

And I think...I missed one big point that is ... INTERPRETATION....
which was empathised by the poet in the whole book.

Interpretation : An explanation or conceptualization by a critic of a work of literature, painting, music, or other art form; an exegesis.

This is the basic point on which we should concentrate....we have so many signs and hints around us...

We have Allah's books and we had Prophets (who explained/interpret the Allah's teaching to us as exactly as they are) - than the interpretation fall onto ordinary human shoulders. I am now in understanding that the human has interpreted the whole teaching very wrongly or they had interpreted it the way they want it to be -

I read once that History is like an ocean in which every fisher caught fishes with his own net....every net is different in its breath and depth....And every fisher tries to caught a fish where no other fisher has gone...these fishers are like history writers....who have their own understanding or perception of every happening in the history and when the fisher set his shop on the side of the road....the customers who are the reader...picked up the piece of fish which they think will amuse them....

In this way...reader...basically is the most ignorant of the actual ocean.... hmmm....

Frankly...when I first approached Shafique Sahib's workshop I kind a didn't liked what he said about certain names of literature. He categorise the literature into good and bad.

And he mean by good literature which gives the true meaning or the correct interpretation of society/human and religion.

Few weeks.....I didn't understand at all what he basically is telling me -

After so many days when I took RR workshop regularly....I started to notice the difference between good and bad literature myself.

And thus today I we concluded that Interpretation is what is most important....

But are we interpreting the history clearly???

Allah granted the Joseph to interpret everything the way they are HE also granted him wisdom and words and courage to speak up. As we read that he sent back the people to first clear his position in front of his first master...than he courageously asked the king to grant him all the kingdom....which means that he was confident enough to take care of the kingdom on the basis of his interpretations....wisdom.

And thus Joseph managed to come in contact with the common masses.

But nowadays to get in touch with common masses can be bit different. There were times when people used to inspire by and literature...Sufi had his own way to communicate the interpretations and Poets had his own ways....

Now we can't rely on Poets or they are merely the actual poets and Sufi...

Nowadays...common masses are inspired by media...which can be TV or Internet....

May we think that someday...we will find a courageous person who will take all the masses attention by his/her website....we will visit that website everyday and will nod our heads in yes to be completely agreed with his sayings...

He, the "webmaster" would nurture our souls and will interpret the actual religion or faith to us?

Or...some newscaster will do the same...?

Anyways...the book sure give me so many questions and I am still in position of raising more...

I am so glad and happy to attend the workshops and I must say thanks to Shafique Sahib to give us the opportunity to open our brain to the reality.


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  2. you have shared your feelings very nicely thinking..........

    The structure of the Garden of poetry of Iqbal is based on unity, therefore it remains non-contradictory in the whole journey of reader throughout the garden.Whenever our own self will be connected with the Garden, all contradictions will be removed automatically.
    Joseph is the experience, that we are getting at each and every moment we spent in the garden, left all information outside, so the purpose of journey through the garden seems to feel the importance of Joseph.

    Since Garden has its own parameters that are different from outside world, so it might be possible that this is a metaphor used for inside world of humans. Since our inside world also has its own parameters, we also have our inner experience(that can be called as our Joseph) if only we could search Joseph inside..........and get out him from the well.

  3. hmm...Dear Urooj..thank you so much for coming.

    Yes it may be finding our own self in the garden...the self which is in the dungeon waiting for its turn....

    And thus when we find out about our true inner interpret its language to the outer...lets say...worldly what connected the dot...what you say?

    To make a connection between the two with the true interpretation of both....

  4. We are lucky to have known Khurram Ali Shafiq sahib and his deep insight into the mysteries of self, which he has polished and excelled by profound understanding of Iqbal’s poetic and prose works.

    Thinking, I liked your idea about a WEBMASTER controlling the multitudes though his website, the days doesn’t seem far away!

  5. Certainly, I'm more intrigued then ever - after coming here and reading the excitement and recognition of truth/insight/oneness/aliveness all expressed here with joy, lightness and likeness one to the other. (This perhaps is the next best experience to your's of being there myself - so I'm so grateful you are telling me about the course and the effect of the readings on each of you.

  6. Dear Urooj...Dar Sahib and dear friend Connie....

    Thank you so much for your coming !

    I hope I can learn much from Republic of Rumi.

    Thank you so much again.

  7. Whenever i hear and read about Iqbal Sessions, i regret even more that i cant join these sessions.. not even if I try hard..
    I wish i could.......

  8. hmm...ReeBz

    Dont keep you entangled...and so many other who cant attend the workshop...Shafique Sahib is writing every piece of book on his website.

    But...Yes...attending workshop has its own benefit.

    Who would not like to hear Shafique Sahib...

    I hope one day you can join the RR family.

    Meanwhile..dont feel bad.

  9. I know about the book, but i feel that attending the workshop and hearing and understanding all live has much deeper effects on the listener..
    whereas while reading "specially when its long and detailed" than at least i lose the tempo and interest... :(

  10. have given me new thought....

    May be someday I will pick you up from home for the RR session and will take the pleasure for your company and will promised your parents for safely return...Inshallah...

    would you be kind enough to accept my offer than???

  11. Woww it will be so awesome for me.. and i don't think that my parents will have any problem They already know about Iqbal sessions By sir Khurram and about you all.It will be an honor for me but it will cause you great pain n trouble only cs of me =(

  12. Dear Thinking,

    You can pick me up too for the next RR session and I know your driving will be excellent! :)

  13. hmm...Dear Connie...

    I would love to...and believe me the whole RR family would be more than happy to have you among person.

    Tell me whenever you want me to come for you...I will....hmm....

  14. Someday I hope to surprise you and so glad to know I"m welcome. :)

    Meantime, keep giving us such a lively, fresh insight into this lovely community in person...

    And I shall keep returning for the next best right here with each of you! :)