Monday, August 3, 2015

Out Cast

I always feels out cast in between my fellow beings here….it’s not that I never tried to mingle or try to understand ….absorb the norms of this society but seriously it is way too hard to grab….perhaps I am not that intelligent…hmmm….
For example….a simple thing of saying NO…here whatever you say or do…people would not say NO….instead they will keep you tangled between YES and NO…
You hire a plumber and will ask him if he can do this work or not….even he can’t do such heavy or technical work he would keep assuring you that he is the best person who can do such stuff and once he started he will make all the excuses of being sick or busy in home…or even would kill some of his relatives….mostly their Grandmother…(so here grandmothers have a very important role…they die for you to save you from your over rated claims)…and things will turn out like….sorry Baji jee I can’t come today since my grandmother is very sick….after two days he will call you again and will break the news of his grandmother sad departure from world…leaving you with no choice but to hire another plumber and believe me you…this is not the end… after some days he will show up and with sad rant would make you feel guilty of not letting him do the work .
Other example is when you hire a cab or a rickshaw….you will ask the driver if he knows the way to your destination he will right away bang his head in affirmation….but by the corner of the street he will start complaining that either he don’t know what the place you are going to or will give you lots of same name of different place...hmm.... once you reach there he will ask for more (which means fare) since you didn’t tell him exactly this place and that’s your fault to pay more.
hmm...the above examples are of those who are not directly related to your life so you can forget about them as soon as you get rid of them…but this way of being not able to say NO is a common trait here….even in sensible….parhay likhay log can do the same and the most funny thing is if you try to mention it to them or dare enough to point it out….they will roll their eyes in wonderment putting you in the situation of actually ridiculed your own self.
If someday you ask any of your relative….friends or any other close acquaintances to find out something for you…they will laterally brag about being able to do the job very easily but once you start relying on them they will start making excuses…like…busy in office….late at work…sick…whatever they can to make you believe that its only your bad luck that it happens to them otherwise you would have your required work done by this time.
I..hmm...personally sometimes feel that may be people here trying not to hurt other’s feeling but then I think that by not been able to do or fulfill one’s wishes …is it not more hurting to the one at the end?
Why not you honestly ask yourself for once and commit yourself to it…?
Where is that “honesty is the best policy”, thing goes…?
Why not say the NO word right away and save the other one from oblivion of waiting?
...hmm….anyways….that’s the latest RANT from me guys…until next….take care.

Meanwhile… I can say NO very well… if you going to ask me a favor and if I don’t feel like doing it…..believe me….you will hear right away a big NOOOO from my mouth….try me !

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